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Dr. Jim Alvino is founder and president of Monetize Your Niche®, a business consulting firm dedicated to “helping entrepreneurs to pursue their passion for profit.” He is a celebrated business success coach and certified Law of Attraction trainer and facilitator. Jim is known “Your Law of Attraction Business Coach” for his success in helping companies of all sizes get into action and create an LOA culture in the workplace.

In this capacity, he has worked with insurance companies, real estate offices, high-end resorts and hotels, the entertainment industry and other venues to help with goal setting, increasing sales and attracting ideal clients and relationships.

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Coach ~ International Speaker ~ Author

In addition to his own high-end clients, Jim has been an independent contractor for the JT Foxx Organization since 2011, has toured all over the World JT Foxx, and has dozens of clients ranging from start-ups to very well established companies looking to grow.

His coaching expertise includes strategic planning, branding and marketing, motivational speaking, creative problem solving, developing a winning mindset for success, and speaker training. He has been an award-winning educational journalist and recently received the JT Foxx Loyalty and Consistency Award.

Jim’s highly acclaimed book, Explorer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction: How to Tap into the Quantum Heart for Happiness and Success (2013), established his celebrity authority as a Law of Attraction guru. In it, as well as through his LOA Certification Programs Jim explains the fundamentals of neuroscience and quantum physics that are the true foundation of Law of Attraction.

Jim has a PhD. in philosophy from Boston College, has been practicing meditation for 25 years, has been a certified meditation instructor and has written two books for Little/Brown on parenting gifted children (1985 & 1989). He is an award-winning educational journalist and a contributing author to the best-selling book, Step into Your Vision (2012). It was during his graduate studies that he was first introduced to the principles of quantum physics and other underpinnings of the Law of Attraction, which he has incorporated into his life and business ever since.

Jim also has been a featured host on Law of Attraction Radio. Listeners of his show, “Tap into the Quantum Heart,” learned about the deepest, richest source for manifesting one’s dreams.

During a long and successful career in upper management, Jim had run a publishing company and had been the top executive for several national organizations, including a foundation started by actor Hugh O’Brian. He brings all of his acquired knowledge, expertise and wisdom to bear in his own company and coaching practice. Jim is committed to personal development, transformation, and stepping out of his comfort zone in order to grow.

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Jim and his wife Margaret live in Huntington Beach, California where you might spot them training for high-altitude endurance races or running on the beach with their lab Koda.

Global Community Support

Jim is also passionate about contributing to the global community where it is truly needed. That is why the Advanced Law of Attraction Training Institute supports the Prasad Project of the SYDA Foundation. The Prasad Project is a philanthropic organization dedicated to providing relief and altruistic service and development for people and communities in need. Please make your tax deductible donation below. Thank you for your donation.

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