Client Attraction Model™

Knowing how to identify and attract your Ideal Client is essential to your success in business. It’s the #1 thing! Yet, typically in a group of 100 or more entrepreneurs and business owners, only 3-6% say they know who their Ideal Clients are, let alone know how to attract them.

If you’re part of the 94-97% who don’t know or aren’t sure about your Ideal Client, then who on earth are you marketing to, and what kind of results are you expecting?!

Market Driven or Outer Forces of Attraction

There are two sets of forces at work in attracting your Ideal Client, which is a Foundational Concept as you can see from the slides below. The first set of forces are the market driven, or “outer” magnets including understanding demographics/psychographics, branding, lead generation, direct response marketing, surveys, list building, CRMs, autoresponders, sales funnels and the like.

These are necessary, even indispensable, conventional tools for driving traffic and making sales, and their applications can be quite creative. But they are not sufficient tools for attracting the results you desire.

Energetic or Inner Forces of Attraction

The missing component in most approaches to client attraction is an Energetic Component that incorporates a set of intentional and deliberate manifestation techniques rooted in the principles neuroscience and quantum physics. These are your super-charged “inner” magnets, which are rooted in the existence of a deep and pervasive field of energy in which we are all immersed and connected.

By learning to harness the Law of Quantum Observation™ and other quantum and causal principles, strategies and actions, you can experience greater satisfaction and success for yourself as well as your clients.

“I started thinking that… the Law of Attraction is not an irreducible law (it can be reduced to something more primary)… something like what I coined as the Law of Quantum Observation™ would be more of an irreducible law, a more fundamental law…”

– Dr. Jim Alvino

”Yes, if you want to use this language, then yes, without the Law of Quantum Observation, as you put it, or the observer effect, as I put it, there would be no manifest universe.”

– Dr. Amit Goswami, Founder of the Center for Quantum Activism (

CD label for QAB smallDr. Alvino’s Client Attraction Model™ is the first and only model of its kind that reflects a New Breed in Business Coaching – The practice of aligning business principles and their application with the Evolution of Consciousness.

Look for more on this subject in the weeks ahead from both Dr. Alvino and Dr. Goswami.

In the meantime, pick up your copy of the Quantum Accelerator Blueprint™. This is a super packed USB/CD combo completely in a league of its own. The QAB includes a digital version of Explorer’s Guide to Law of Attraction, video of the inspirational speech Here’s Living Proof™, innovative training on Law of Quantum Observation™, exclusive interviews with Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Alvino’s top dozen LOA Radio Network interviews, 30 minutes private coaching with Dr. Alvino, and more!! Go to the Resources Page for more information.

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