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A Personal Message from Dr. Jim Alvino “Your Law of Attraction Business Coach”

“Every successful human being – and without exception those who have achieved greatness – have or have had coaches in their lives to motivate, drive, instruct and correct… If you think you can do it alone you’re foolish, arrogant and delusional.” – Dr. Jim Alvino

Author and billionaire Ken Fisher in his book, The Ten Roads to Riches, talks about how the wealthy got there, and how you can too. As you might have surmised, there isn’t just one road, but there aren’t a hundred either.

Of the ten Fisher talks about, what drives me, as Your Law of Attraction Business Coach, is helping you identify your niche, your passion, your creative idea… then building the business model by which you can attract and manifest your fortune. It’s that simple.

As I say in my own book, Explorer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction, my PURPOSE is to advance the universal conversation that Consciousness creates everything, that we ARE that Consciousness, and that we are empowered and responsible to create our life, our future and our destiny…

Jim Alvino CoachingMy MISSION is to awaken that truth in every person I touch.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers speaks about the 10,000 hour rule – that it takes this long to reach the heights of one’s game given the appropriate experience, training, and, yes, even battle scars.  There are many self-proclaimed gurus in their chosen field or vocation.  Few have true claim to fame. I’ve logged thousands of hours of actual coaching sessions with dozens of clients from all over the world.

And here’s what I know: Whether your passion is highly intellectual (Socrates coached Plato, Plato coached Aristotle), involves the performing arts or athletics, a seasoned and experienced coach is indispensable for guiding the protégé to his or her own inner and outer greatness.

I had a football coach in junior high school who urged us on during halftime with this: “Boys, if you want a touchdown you have to think touchdown. If you only think five yards, that’s all you’re going to get.” That mindset stuck with me. Since then I’ve had music coaches, writing coaches, karate coaches, business coaches, speaking coaches, creative thinking coaches, yoga and meditation coaches… the list goes on.

Jim Alvino Business CoahingAnd today, among my coaches, I’m being mentored by my dear friend Amit Goswami, theoretical quantum physicist and founder of the Center for Quantum Activism… my quantum physics coach! “Quantum” is such a buzz word today – everything from quantum cooking to quantum Internet service – it has been used, abused and reduced to a mere marketing phrase, but few people have a clue as to what they are talking about.

And Now It’s YOUR Turn…

To decide if you want a touchdown or just five yards, to decide if the time is right for you to accelerate your life and your business through personal breakthrough and/or Business Coaching.  The truth is, it’s not a matter of if, but WHEN and WHOM you will choose to take you to your next level… whatever that may be for you. You Choose!

“Profits Are Better Than Wages”

It was probably the great American business philosopher Jim Rohn from whom I first heard the phrase, “Profits are better than wages.” I knew this implicitly my whole life. Wasn’t the paper route I had as an elementary school kid, the “landscaping” business as a teenager, the karate classes I taught at the community college, my consulting firm [James Alvino & Associates] founded in 1990 more ME than the guy punching the proverbial time clock just to make ends meet?

Like many of you, I’ve been there and done that, built somebody else’s dream at the expense of my own. Hey, but I know how to leverage and parley. I built an expertise too in strategic planning and creative problem solving (CPS); honed my training, presentation, and communication skills; and developed the passion to strike out on my own – you know, my turn now, MY piece of The American Dream.

So now it’s YOUR turn too! It’s never too late to start, but always too late to wait… and if you wait, you might wait forever.

For the Record

If you need to know my pedigree, here it is: I got “poor dad’s” advice a la Robert Kiyosaki, got good grades, went to the best schools, got terminal degrees (Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston College), and set out to make my mark in the world.

I’ve always been an achiever with a strong pursuit of excellence. To use the common phrase, “Be Your Best Self Now,” my Best Self in high school was Best Athlete, in college Best Honors Student, in grad school Best Ph.D. Recipient, in business Best Company President, Best CEO of three companies, as a writer Best Educational Journalist (multiple publications and awards), and as an entrepreneur, The Best Entrepreneur I Can Be!

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned at home, from my dad, was persistence and perseverance. Success is not a sprint but a marathon. There are no failures, only lessons. The glass is neither half empty nor half full, it is overflowing with possibility and opportunity. I’m fond of quoting Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Take the shot!

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