Wondering how you can get ADVANCED Law of Attraction Training AND help others?

Join Jim Alvino to unlock your dreams with the Law of Attraction AND learn how to help others! His Advanced Law of Attraction Certification Program will help you do just that. In an exclusive training event, you get certified by Jim and learn how to start your own coaching business with little headache or cost! Based on the new book – destined to become a best seller – Ghidul Explorer la Legea Atractiei: How to Tap into the Quantum-Heart for Happiness and Success”.

What makes it advanced?

Most Law of Attraction programs focus strictly on how-to’s, formulas, and recipes for success… which are good as far as they go. But they ignore the underlying WHY it all works. As Jack Canfield says, “the Law of Attraction is the immutable law of the universe.” What makes this so, and what makes it an immutable LAW, is that it obeys the principles of quantum physics.

Jim brings a nuts and bolts appreciation for quantum as well as the basics of neuroscience and brain chemistry to his Law of Attraction training. This helps you gain both a deeper understanding of and access to the Transcendental Self, the Quantum Heart, at the foundation of attracting and creating your life. “There is no question that as creative beings,” Jim says, “we are microcosms of a grand creative manifestation of Consciousness from which everything flows. Once we learn to tap into that, we can truly and deliberately create our destiny.”

What is the Quantum-Heart Method™?

Simply put, it is the integration of 4 “faces” illustrated below: mindset, right preparation, right tools (modalities), and daily commitment to transformational practices (executables). As Jim notes in his Attraction Endorsed by Action™ system, “when you take an integrated, consistent approach to almost anything in life, success becomes inevitable.”

On which face of the cube do you see the Quantum-Heart?

ADVANCED Law of Attraction Training

Which certification program is right for you?


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The Universe loves action, so take action now and inquire about the next opportunity to get this exclusive training!